Allegash to can Hoppy Table Beer

I didn’t even realize that Allegash wasn’t in cans. I much prefer cans over glass, and Allegash White is still one of the best beers out there.

Can’t say I’m in love with the artwork on the can, and I think Allegash is in need of a bit of a branding unification, but it’s what’s in the can that matters and Allegash does it right.

Allagash joins the ranks of can-do brewers in Maine




Beer Nerd Collective

Speaking of some of my favorite Instagrammers (one day I’ll make a list!), take a look at what @scbeernerd is building over at The Beer Nerd Collective.  Max is another great photographer focusing on beer and breweries, and is very engaged with the beer community on Instragram. When he’s not studying to be a doctor, he’s visiting breweries and documenting them through his photography and writing, brewing beer, and hanging out in IG with other beer enthusiasts.

Max recently kicked off The Beer Nerd Collective project and is enlisting the help of some of the most talented photo-journalists out there to help bring exciting beer and brewing stories to the internets. Definitely one you’ll want to follow!


Kismet Brewing to open in Westfield, MA

@lizdrinksbeer is easily one of my top 5 Instagrammers. Not only are her photos amazing, but she’s super friendly, helpful, and a pleasure to chat with. So it’s very exciting to hear that she and her hubby, @richdrinksbeer, will be opening a brewery, Kismet Brewing, in Westfield, MA later this fall.  Best of luck to Liz and Rich…can’t wait to drop by and meet you in person!

Check out the write up on Mass Brew Bros:

For Craft Beer Couple, New Westfield Brewery is Kismet

Comerica Bank Forecloses on Green Flash

Green Flash West Coast IPA was one of my gateway beers into IPA’s, and one of the first homebrew clone kits that I ever brewed. Still an amazing beer. Sadly, they weren’t able to sustain their growth, and after selling off their new Virginia Beach facility, Comerica bank has foreclosed on Green Flash’s loans. What will become of the Green Flash beers remains to be seen.

Comerica Bank forecloses on Green Flash / Alpine