Case Study: Two Roads Brewing Company

Case Study: Two Roads Brewing Company

Two Roads is one of those breweries that I would love to love. They’re right in my back yard, they have a great facility and taproom, and are very involved in the beer community.

But I don’t love their beer. Everything they brew is good, but Two Roads has no direction…no shtick. They brew a solid Pilsner, a good Saison, decent IPA’s, stouts, seasonals, and even some sours (that leave a lot to be desired…for now.) Their strength is that they can brew any type of beer well, but their weekness is that they don’t brew any beers (under the Two Roads brand) that are amazing. Two Juicy was their first time coming close to breaking into the “trade-worthy” category of beers, but I think the shine has worn off on this one and they have nothing else that is very buzzworthy.

Two Roads is like the Sierra Nevada of the East Coast…available everywhere and no shame in ordering one, but you don’t get too excited about it. Maybe this is a symptom of being  a contract brewer first and a brewery under its own name second – it’s run like a business and without the passion or excitement of the smaller breweries.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re a great brewery, solid beer, amazing place, and all around good people. I’m excited about their expansion and hope that it breathes a little bit of the excitement into their brand and their beers.


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